In order to deliver a higher quality project to the customer, alleviate paperwork and logistical problems for the Architectural and Engineering team and the General Contractor, ACE Electrical has designed and implemented a quality control program we refer to as our Zero Punchlist Program.

Training + Coordination

  • Project manager training and involvement
  • Foreman training
  • Zero Punchlist Program (ZPP) inspector training
  • Electrician training
  • Between ZPP Inspector and foreman
  • Other subcontractors – painters, excavators, etc.
  • Design team – punchlist crew
  • General contractor
  • Commissioning team

Implementation + Recognition and Rewards

  • The ACE team begins the installation with quality in mind using their experience and ACE guidelines
  • NECA quality standards
  • Foreman design installation methods that minimize quality problems
  • Inspectors are responsible for ZPP compliance following ACE checklists
  • Final inspection rounds are made previous to design team inspections
  • ACE team members receive recognition based on performance
  • ACE team members receive rewards based on achieving ZPP milestones that are job and task specific

The ACE Electrical Zero Punchlist Program is a systematic approach to job site quality control. The system was developed over a 16 year period.